The “Canary Girls” and the munition plants of the First World War

With so many of their husbands off to war, a lot of women had to put on their overalls and work boots and take their men’s place on the factory floor, producing munitions for the United Kingdom. These women came to be known as the “Canary Girls” as they worked...
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Hypothesis Z. Romania’s battle plan

In August 1916 Romania was in a difficult strategic situation. The country’s army was forced to fight on two fronts, the length of which was two times greater than that of the French front. Even though Romania’s battle plan managed to capture the reality on...
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From the telegrams of an ambassador: The disinformation of Ottokar Czernin

The Austro-Hungarian ambassador to Bucharest, Count Ottokar Czernin, bore a good part of the blame for the unpleasant surprise experienced by the authorities in Vienna when Romania declared war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Austro-Hungarian ambassador...
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The Central Powers, not so surprised by Romania’s entry into the war

The news that Romania declared war on Austria-Hungary produced a shock wave not only in Vienna, but also in Berlin. Emperor Wilhelm II had a nervous breakdown and declared that the war was lost to Germany. However, the leadership of the German and...
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Romania enters the First World War

August 27, 1916. It was three o’clock in the afternoon. Traffic ceased along the border with Austria-Hungary as the roads that led to the frontier were being blocked off one by one from the Romanian side. The Austro-Hungarian border guards were rushing to...
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